Art Life

In an alternate universe, I might have been a photographer who dabbles in writing and software rather than a writer and programmer who dabbles in photography. I had a strong interest in photography at an early age thanks to my favorite uncle, who allowed me into his darkroom, even before I was old enough to handle a camera, to watch him develop his film and make prints using his enlarger and three trays of smelly chemicals. It was magic.

But Eddie died too young of a leukemia that’s routinely cured today. If he’d have lived on, who knows? After he was gone, my photography was limited to snapshots taken with a Kodak Brownie and developed at the local drug store.

In high school, I raised my game, buying a Ricoh 500 35mm camera and a used enlarger, but photography was expensive and I put it aside when I entered college to focus on the literary arts, where it seemed my talents lay.

In 2004, after moving to New Mexico, I decided to jump back in. I bought a Canon EOS 5D and an Epson color printer and headed out into the great American West to photograph the amazing landscape. Along the way, I discovered interesting things in creek beds and in the water flowing in Colorado streams. Landscape and water have been the two main focal points for me.

Initially, I’d intended to create images that matched as closely as possible what the eye sees. It wasn’t long though before I was using photo editing software to enhance my images. The effects in my landscape photos go from subtle to dramatic. But the artistic water images are extreme transformations that produce something completely different than what you see in the original image.

If you’re interested, you can view selected images by clicking the links below:

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